Everything You Need To Know About Pokelon Card NFTs

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5 min readJul 27, 2021

$ELONBALLS finally released and the Pokelon Community just got a lot bigger. On top of that, the Elondex got a lot bigger, too. We also opened up the Elonmart, and now it’s filled with new Pokelon Trainers looking to expand their roster everyday.

So as you can imagine, we get a lot of questions.

This article will cover the ins-and-outs of collecting Pokelon cards and everything you need to know to become the very best.

What Kinds Of NFTs Are There?

In the Pokeloniverse, there are currently three types of NFTs.

This Pokelon can be found in most pre-launch Telegram Communities.

Pokelon NFTs: These are the most sought-after NFTs and the ones we’re referring to when we talk about “catching Pokelon”. These cards will eventually be able to be used in the Pokelon Collectible Card Game, but for now, they’re mostly collectible and sorted in terms of rarity.

There are also Physical NFTs, which are the same cards you see above, except in real life. Yes, really. They exist.

Vitalik! I choose you!

Items: Balls and stones are the only items available now, but there are more to come in the future! Each of these Items is also an NFT, though you’ll need to trade them in in order use the “function” of each card.

Gym Badges: Gym Badges are NFTs that can be earned by the community for completing various tasks, promoting the project and other things. Once you’ve collected all of the gym badges, you’ll unlock a very special Pokelon.
You can learn how to get Gym Badges here.

How Do I Get An NFT?

You can earn Pokelon NFTs in three separate ways:

NFT Farming

Visit The Elonballs Farm, Powered by Unifty.

Farming is the only guaranteed way to earn an NFT. And it’s really easy! Simply stake your holdings at the farm and watch the points you’ve earned go up! Once you reach enough points, you can claim a Pokelon NFT! There is no fee for staking or unstaking.

Just like the red and blue counterparts of the franchise this ecosystem parodies, the two separate tokens in the Pokelon Ecosystem — $Pokelon and $Elonballs — are basically Red and Blue. This means that there are different NFTs available for the two different tokens. You’ll have to stake both if you wanna catch em all!

NFT Giveaways

Everyday on our Telegram, we host NFT giveaways. Usually two of them, back to back. Simply be on the telegram at the right time (it’s usually announced hours in advance), enter the form and you can win a holographic NFT!

Mystery Eggs

We understand everyone can’t be on Telegram 24/7. So we host special “Mystery Egg” giveaways. These mysterious eggs will hatch at a specified time, and the entire community has the chance to win. Usually you can enter a Mystery Egg giveaway days in advance.

How Can I Tell How Rare A Pokelon Is?

Check the bottom right corner!

On the bottom right corner of every card, you’ll see a symbol and some numbers. The symbol represents the rarity and the numbers represent how many exist.

● This means the card is Common. Common cards usually have about 50 cards in existence.
♦ This means the card is uncommon. Uncommon cards usually have 30 cards in existence.
★ This means the card is rare. Rare cards usually only have 10–20 cards in existence.

Sometimes the numbers may vary a little, depending on how popular we think the Pokelon will be, but for the most part, they fit the above rules.

Many Pokelon also have a “Holographic” versions. These are much more rare and usually only 1–10 of these are produced per Pokelon.

How Can I Tell If My Card Holographic?

Non Holographic

Holographic cards have an animated background!

What is “Zero Edition” and “First Edition”?

Zero Edition cards were the first ever Pokelon Cards produced. You can usually tell that these cards are Zero Edition because they’ll have wildly bloated HP, attacks that do “420” damage, are missing information like height and weight, etc. These were essentially test cards, before we created the entire system. And they’re VERY rare.

Sometimes, you’ll see these on Open Sea listed as “First Edition” cards, but First Edition cards are actually a different thing.

First Edition cards are the current print of cards and the very first that are considered playable. These are marked with “First Edition” at the very bottom.

Zero Edition cards will be playable, too, but essentially will act like first edition cards in the digital version of the game.

How Does Evolution Work?

Pokelon NFT holders can also evolve their Pokelon! But you’ll need stones to evolve them, which can be earned on the farm. Different stones have different effects.

Moon Stone: This stone causes certain Pokelon to evolve.

Dump Stone: This stone causes certain Pokelon to de-evolve.

Mars Stone: This stone causes Second Stage Pokelon to evolve.

How Do I Evolve My Pokelon?

First, you’ll need a Moon Stone, Dump Stone or Mars Stone. These can be earned through farming. Then, head over to the Elon Mart and fill out the appropriate form in the pinned message. Within 24–72 hours, we’ll send over your newly evolved Pokelon!

This comes as completely new NFT. And yes. You get to keep your old one.

Why Would I Use A Dump Stone?

Some Pokelon, like Genlon, are already in their third and final stage when they become available to the Pokelon Community. You’ll need to de-evolve them to discover their previous form!

Can All Pokelon Evolve?

Only some Pokelon can evolve. You can check the Elondex to see whether the Pokelon you’re interested in can evolve or de-evolve and which stone you’ll need.



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