Evolving Your Pokelon NFTs!

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2 min readOct 31, 2021


Learn how to evolve your newly captured Pokelon and get a one up on the competition!

How Does Evolution Work?

Check out the description of your new Pokelon and you’ll find a section that determines what it needs to evolve, if it can!

Typically, your Pokelon will need a certain kind of stone to evolve.

For 2E, there are only two stone types. Moon and Mars Stones.

Moon Stone: This stone causes certain Pokelon to evolve to the second stage.

Charmelon needs a Moon Stone to become Charmelonelon, but Charmelonelon needs a Mars Stone to become Elonizard!

Mars Stone: This stone causes Second Stage Pokelon to evolve to its final stage!

Got it. So, How Do I Evolve My Pokelon?

First, you’ll need the correct stone. These can be earned through farming.

Next, you’ll need to convert the farmed NFT to an Opensea-friendly one. You can do that at the Elon Mart by following the steps outlined there.

Once you receive that, head back to the Elonmart and fill out the Evolution section and send your stone! Within 24–72 hours, we’ll send over your newly evolved Pokelon!

This comes as completely new NFT. And yes. You get to keep your old one, too!

Both holographic and non-holographic NFTs evolve the same way!

Can All Pokelon Evolve?

Only some Pokelon can evolve. Be sure to check the NFT description to see whether your Pokelon can evolve!



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