Evolving Your Pokelon NFTs!

How Does Evolution Work?

Check out the description of your new Pokelon and you’ll find a section that determines what it needs to evolve, if it can!

Charmelon needs a Moon Stone to become Charmelonelon, but Charmelonelon needs a Mars Stone to become Elonizard!

Got it. So, How Do I Evolve My Pokelon?

First, you’ll need the correct stone. These can be earned through farming.

Can All Pokelon Evolve?

Only some Pokelon can evolve. Be sure to check the NFT description to see whether your Pokelon can evolve!



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Pokelon Finance

Pokelon Finance


Project Pokelon reimagines all 151 Pokelon as Elon Musk and crypto/internet memes. And then brings them to live as a collectible card game.