Pokelon Giveaways: A Complete Guide

Pokelon Finance
2 min readMar 5, 2022

>>New Pokelon detected….analyzing…

For almost one year, we’ve been giving away holographic NFTs in our chat every single day. Seriously. We’ve actually only taken a grand total of 5 days off from it.

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Sir, how do I win NFT?” And the good news, it’s an extremely easy process.

Step 1: Be in our Telegram

Join our Telegram. Show up around 8PM UTC and you’ll see pinned messages pertaining to when the next giveaway is happening.

Step 2: Fill out the form

The chat will be muted and a Google Form will be posted asking you to add your Telegram handle (this is the username that starts with @ that you can find or create in your Telegram profile settings) and your wallet address for us to send your NFT.

The form will only remain open for 3 minutes, so be sure to have your information ready to plug into the form!

Step 3: Wait for the roll

After the form is closed, the chat will be unmuted for a short while as we compile the results. We’ll then mute the chat and provide a list of eligible applicants.

At that point, we’ll use a random number generator to select one of the applicants randomly. If that’s you, congrats! You just won a Pokelon holo!

What kind of giveaways are there?

There are several types of giveaways, and we do different types everyday! Here’s a quick breakdown of what you might encounter.

🍀General Giveaway: These giveaways are available for every trainer that owns the token. If you are holding $POKELON, you’re eligible!

🔴Satoshiball Giveaway: To enter this giveaway, you must own a Satoshiball NFT that can be farmed at any time from our farm. These items are rare, so if you see any on the farm, grab one!

👑Top Level Giveaway: Have you noticed yourself earning XP in the chat when you send a message sometimes? You can level up in our chat by chatting more and the more XP you earn, the higher your level will be. Earn enough levels and you’ll be on the leaderboard. And leaderboard trainers are eligible for these giveaways! The XP game has a lot of interesting strategies, so check out our full guide here.

🐋Whale Giveaway: We hold these once a week for the top 50 holders of the token! You must be one of them to enter this giveaway.

🆕 First Timers: Never won a giveaway before? Then you’re able to enter this giveaway!

🥚Egg Hatch Giveaway: Every Sunday, we post a special Pokelon Egg. Fill out the form as you would any other giveaway and on Sunday, we’ll draw a winner. This type of giveaway is great if you don’t have a lot of time to be there for daily giveaways!



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