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5 min readSep 4, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Pokelon Telegram Game

Before we get started, please note that this guide will not feature any images of the upcoming game. We’ve recently made some strides on the interface and rather than showcase old, confusing images of the previous interface design, we’ll simply hold off on those for the official announcement.

For now, if you’re curious about how you can finally battle your hard-earned Pokelon cards, you’re in the right place!

The Basics

Pokelon League is Telegram Bot that players can invite into any group. After inviting the bot, players who wish to duel can connect their wallets to the bot, which will scan for any relevant ERC1155 Pokelon NFTs.

From their NFT collection, players can select 6 Base Pokelon. (Base Pokelon are defined as unevolved Pokelon.) Once the lineup has been selected, the duel can begin!

Gameplay Flow

Who goes first is determined randomly. On the first turn, each player must deploy a Pokelon. Deploying Pokelon costs one turn.

Every time it’s your turn, you gain one Energy Point. The maximum Energy Points that a player can have at any time is 4. These points are used to perform attacks or retreat your Pokelon.

On your turn, you have six actions you can perform. For the sake of demonstration, let’s say that we’ve deployed Charmelon:

1: Blunt Force: This is Charmelon’s first attack and costs 1 Energy Point.
2: Rogan Roast: This is Charmelon’s second attack and costs 3 Energy Points. We don’t currently have enough Energy Points to use this attack!
3. Evolve: Evolving a Pokelon will skip your turn. You must also possess the evolved Pokelon card in your wallet in order to evolve.
4. Defend: Choosing this action skips your turn, but reduces damage received next turn by 20%.
5. Retreat: This action allows you to swap your Pokelon for another, but has an energy cost, as stated on the card.
6. Healing Spray: This action will recover 30 HP and heal any status effects on the currently deployed Pokelon. Using a healing spray does not take a turn, but you only have 3 Healing Sprays per duel, so use them wisely!

Choosing any of the above actions, besides Healing Spray, will automatically finish your turn.

Just like the original game, when any Pokelon reaches zero HP, it is knocked out. The Trainer must replace that Pokelon with another from their lineup. This process repeats until one Pokelon Trainer has no more Pokelon to use and loses the duel.

Evolution and Status Effects


Evolving your Pokelon in battle can be a very wise strategic choice, but it also come with a few rules to keep in mind!

Evolving your Pokelon skips your turn and your Pokelon is still susceptible to damage during that time. If it gets knocked out or put to sleep before it evolves, the evolution is halted!

Additionally, evolving your Pokelon reduces your Energy to 1, no matter what your current energy level is.

Finally, if your Pokelon has sustained damage that has not been healed, it will carry that damage over to evolved form. For example: Charmelon’s max HP is 50, but it took 20 damage on the last turn and is evolving. When it evolves to Charmelonelon, it will have 60 HP, instead of the usual 80 max HP.

Status Effects

There are four kinds of status effects some Pokelon can afflict on your Pokelon!

Poison: When your Pokelon is Poisoned, it will lose 10 HP every turn. Poison heals normally after 5 turns, but can be healed instantly with a healing spray.

Paralysis: When your Pokelon is poisoned, there is a 50% chance that your next action won’t work! Paralysis can be healed normally after 3 turns, but can be healed instantly with a healing spray.

Confusion: If confused, there’s a 50% chance your next attack may attack your own Pokelon instead! Confusion can can be healed normally after 3 turns, but can be healed instantly with a healing spray.

Sleep: When your Pokelon is asleep, you can’t do anything except retreat or use a healing spray! Sleep can be healed normally after 3 turns, but can be healed instantly with a healing spray.

Not all cards stick to this chart, so think of it as more of a general reference.

Weaknesses and Resistance

Certain Pokelon are weak against Pokelon of a different type. The weakness of each Pokelon is stated on the bottom left of each card. If your Pokelon is weak to water and struck with a water attack, it’ll do 2x the normal damage. So be careful!

Some cards also have Resistance! This means that they will take reduced damage from a Pokelon of a certain type.

Critical Hit

Every attack has a 1% chance of hitting a critical attack, which will do an extra 10–20 damage!

Common Questions

Will my Unifty NFTs work?

Unfortunately not on this initial release. All NFTs must be converted to ERC1155 at the ElonMart in order to be playable!

Do Holos have any special advantage in the game?

Holos are mostly for NFT collectors. They do have a slightly higher chance of a critical hit, however! Also, it’s worth noting that we may add special features to the game over time and the first thing on our list will be adding a special feature for holos! But we’ve designed the game so that holos do not have any serious advantage over non-holo Pokelon.

I don’t feel comfortable connecting my wallet. Is there any way around it?

Unfortunately, no. However, it’s important to note that the bot is read-only. This means that it can only read what is in your wallet. It cannot interact with it in any way, at any time. You can also disconnect immediately after battling, if that makes you feel safer. But there is zero risk.

How many people can duel at once?

Only 2 trainers can duel at one time. However, the bot can be brought into any Telegram chat and multiple duels can take place simultaneously.

Will there be tournaments?

Yes! After release, we’ll be scheduling our first tournament with prizes!

Stay tuned for more details about Pokelon League on our official Telegram!



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