Pokelon NFT Edition/Rarity Guide


Which edition is your card? Check the bottom!
Zero Editions were…a little OP.
First Edition
Second Edition
Special Edition

Rarity, Supply and Holos

Supply is the number, rarity is the symbol

What’s the difference between Holos and Non-holo cards?

Holographic cards have fully animated 3-D artwork on the card itself and a lower supply than their non-holographic counterpart. All 151 Pokelon have a holographic variety.

Okay, so then basically I only want holos, then?

Nope. While holos are awesome, they’re simply a rarer version of a regular card. Collecting as many types of cards as possible is the most advantageous strategy, as it’ll get you a wider array of Pokelon for your battle line up and create more opportunities for trading/selling!



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Pokelon Finance

Pokelon Finance


Project Pokelon reimagines all 151 Pokelon as Elon Musk and crypto/internet memes. And then brings them to live as a collectible card game.