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6 min readMay 25, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About What’s Coming To Pokelon

Thanks a lot, Elon…


Since $POKELON launched on 05/11/21, we’ve seen our community explode. And shortly thereafter, we saw the market crash harder than it has in quite some time. Needless to say, Pokelon felt the impact of that crash just like every other token.

But we used that time wisely and devised a strategy that would not only stimulate further price action, but grow the project far beyond its initial vision.

Without further ado, here’s what you can expect from the coming two weeks.

$ELONBALLS & Staking

Grab the market by the Elonballs.

We hate it when projects announce a new token that has virtually no purpose. So we decided early on that if we ever did a sister-token, we’d ensure it had more value for holders than anything on the market.


If you’re a Pokelon holder, you’ll be able to let your Pokelon do all the work for you! Pokelon holders will now be able to stake their Pokelon to earn a share of the ELONBALLS transaction fees.

While the actual percentage will be much higher, let’s say for the sake of discussion that rewards are fixed at 0.33% daily.

Scenario A : 1 POKELON = $10 and 1 ELONBALLS = $100.
If you stake 100 POKELON, you will receive $3.33 worth ELONBALLS daily which is equivalent to 0.033 ELONBALLS.

Scenario B : 1 POKELON = $100 and 1 ELONBALLS = $1.
If you stake 100 POKELON, you will receive $33.33 worth ELONBALLS daily which is equivalent to 33.33 ELONBALLS

Eventually this staking pool will be deprecated, and a new staking pool for the Elonballs fees will be implemented.

The staking rewards will immediately be available as part of your balance, though there will be a minimum staking period of 72 hours.

Please note that providing and removing liquidity on Pancakeswap is treated as two transactions and will incur the transaction fee twice. For this reason it is recommended to hold your stake for a period of one week minimum to gain the maximum benefits of staking.

Physical NFT Cards

Users will be able to scan the QR code on the back of their physical cards to view its digital counterpart

We are currently pressing physical, holographic NFT cards with a QR code on the back that corresponds to a digital NFT counterpart. NFT holders will be able to display their NFTs in real life, in addition to their digital wallets.

Trainers who hold both $POKELON and $ELONBALLS will be eligible to win physical legendary Pokelon NFT Cards. Holders will be divided into three groups for giveaways based on their holdings of both tokens.

We also plan to send these physical cards to influencers as part of our expanded marketing campaign.

Four Levels of Card Scarcity

We’ve been working hard on determining the total supply of NFT cards that will exist and have decided on releasing the cards in Editions.

Currently, all cards are Zero Edition. That means that once Elonballs has launched, we will begin minting the First Edition. Additionally, any cards that have been minted on ETH will be considered Ultra-Rare, as we intend to be one of the first NFTs minted on the upcoming BSC NFT Marketplace.

There are a lot of details about card scarcity, total supply and other features of the card collecting aspect of Pokelon that will be released in the coming weeks.


2% of every transaction of Elonballs will be reserved for buybacks. 1% will buyback Pokelon and the remaining 1% will buyback Elonballs to consistently raise the price floor of both tokens. These purchased tokens will be locked or burnt based on community vote. Whether you choose to stake or hold your $POKELON, you’ll still be receiving benefits from $ELONBALLS.

Pokelon Booster Packs

Remember opening up the packaging for a trading card game expansion? Yep, those are booster packs. And yep, we’re getting them. Physically and digitally.

Just like real life trading card games, these packs will contain a random assortment of cards to grow your collection. Booster Packs will contain 3–5 NFT Cards, most of them common/rare versions, but with a chance of a holographic card in each pack. Getting more booster packs means you can increase your chances of getting an ultra-rare holographic NFT!

These will both be sold on NFT marketplaces and distributed during giveaways.

Region Unlocked and Legendary Pokelon

In celebration of the expansion of the Pokeloniverse, a new region full of curious Pokelon will be unlocked for Elonballs holders. This means that some Pokelon can only be found by Elonballs holders and others can only be found by Pokelon holders. Legendary Pokelon can only be found by holders of both. So you’ll need to hold both if you truly want to catch them all!

Large Supply

One Elonball will not be enough to capture powerful, legendary Pokelon. As such, we’ll be minting 150 trillion $ELONBALLS so that all trainers have the opportunity to catch a legendary Pokelon for themselves.

Moon Stones

Pokelon can now evolve!

Whenever the price of $POKELON doubles, the community will gain access to a “Moon Stone”. Moon Stones allow any already discovered Pokelon to evolve based on community vote. Within 48 hours of voting, the chosen Pokelon will evolve and the newly evolved Pokelon NFT will be given away to a lucky holder!

Full Scale Marketing Campaign

We will be reserving 6% of the Elonballs supply solely for marketing the POKELONIVERSE and partnering with a variety of Youtube, TikTok and Instagram influencers to spread the word of Pokelon far and wide. Additionally, we will be lining up influencers before we even launch Elonballs, so the marketing campaign will be diverse and fully planned from day one.

Private Sale For Holders

At Pokelon, holders come first and that’s while you’ll get first dibs at Elonballs. The Elonballs Private Sale will be reserved for long-term Pokelon holders who hold over 150 $POKELON in their wallet and feature a special rate, followed by a public pre-sale. Details pending.

Okay, but when?

We’re estimating the completion of all of the above within 1.5 weeks of the date of this post. We should have a firm release date announced in about one week from now.


The Crypto Crash of May 2021 affected all of us and also affected the short-term plans of Pokelon. By providing additional utility and features never before seen in the NFT market, we’ll be able to market Pokelon widely, bring new holders to the project and give Pokelon the status it deserves in Decentralized Finance.



Pokelon Finance

Project Pokelon reimagines all 151 Pokelon as Elon Musk and crypto/internet memes. And then brings them to live as a collectible card game.