Your Pokelon Journey Is About To Unfold: The $POKELON Whitepaper

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4 min readMay 15, 2021
Just a few of the wonderful creatures inhabiting the world of Pokelon

Concept To Creation

POKELON #7: Porytruck

$POKELON is an BEP20 token that parodies two separate, but wildly popular trends in the DeFi community and brings them to life as an interactive, community-based NFT art experience.

The Pokeloniverse is composed of original artwork that parodies a popular franchise, while also tying some of its most famous tropes to the crypto-currency culture that has been blossoming on social media since Elon Musk first began his Twitter rants.

We fair-launched on Pancake Swap on 05/11/21 to an extremely excited community of 1800+ early adopters on our Telegram. In fact, the hype reached such a fever pitch that someone even managed to bot us in the first few minutes, only temporarily slowing the march to our first all time high.

In the first 5 days of launch, $POKELON locked in CoinGecko in its first four hours, has released three separate, limited edition holographic NFT cards for Pokelon holders and released an extensive roadmap of the path forward. Liquidity locked, fair launch, ownership renounced, safe-to-ape meme coin bliss on Pancake Swap is here.

The Elondex (v.1.0), Catching Pokelon and Holographic NFTs

The Elondex is a database that allows users to browse the Pokelon recently discovered by the community and their associated NFTs. Currently in its first iteration, the Elondex will expand each time a new Pokelon or NFT has been discovered.

New Pokelon are “discovered” whenever new project milestones have been reached and during scheduled events listed on the Pokelon homepage. During these encounters, aspiring Pokelon Trainers currently holding $POKELON have a chance to “catch” a limited edition, holographic trading card for that particular $POKELON.

For now, holders are required to be in the Telegram to catch $POKELON, but in the future, we plan to build an interactive dapp that will allow holders to login via their wallets for catch events. Beyond that, we’d love to enable all NFT holders to battle their Pokelon further down the roadmap.

In addition, as the community surpasses further milestones, new “regions” of the Pokeloniverse will become unlocked, allowing for an entirely new batch of Pokelon to be discovered!

All holographic cards are numbered, animated and range from exclusive to common in their rarity.

POKELON #9: Genlon

Under The Hood

Maximum Transaction Limit for purchases is capped at 5000 $POKELON

$POKELON has a circulating and (thematically relevant) supply of 150k tokens. 50% of the initial supply was burned on contract deployment.

To encourage long term holding and price stabilization, $POKELON has a 10% fee on every transaction. 5% of this fee is redistributed back to investors who continue to hold the token and the other 5% is redistributed back to liquidity.

Individual purchases are capped to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be a part of the community from the beginning, not just whales. We believe that that proper distribution on a token is everything and allows us to foster a healthy community of adopters with legitimate interest in the project.

As such, the maximum amount of tokens that can be purchased per individual transaction is 5000 $POKELON.

The initial liquidity of $5000 provided by the dev team has been locked in Unicrypt, with the remaining liquidity provided by the 5% fee being held in a dead wallet, inaccessible by the dev team. We believe $POKELON Trainers should be able to trade freely, with minimal risk.

Marketing, Merchandise and More

The continued evolution of $POKELON

The Pokelon.Finance team has put together an extensive roadmap, detailing both our marketing and creative goalposts for the project. Now that the project has moved past its initial launch phase, we will be launching a calculated marketing blitz, targeting both traditional social media outlets and specific influencers.

In order to generate additional marketing funds, the team has decided to create tasteful, limited print merchandise that can be purchased using $POKELON or $BNB

Another item of note of is the creation of physical holographic NFTs that will be distributed to influencers and lucky $POKELON holders. Details are on the way!


Pokelon # 4: Dogetrio

Cleverly disguised as a meme token, $POKELON is a full-fledged NFT art experience built to remain relevant for the remainder of a particular rocket-building-electric-car-company-owning gentleman’s life.

We invite all interested investors to check out the official Pokelon website and visit our Telegram community at the links below. See you on the moon.




Pokelon Finance

Project Pokelon reimagines all 151 Pokelon as Elon Musk and crypto/internet memes. And then brings them to live as a collectible card game.