Learn how to evolve your newly captured Pokelon and get a one up on the competition!

How Does Evolution Work?

Check out the description of your new Pokelon and you’ll find a section that determines what it needs to evolve, if it can!

Typically, your Pokelon will need a certain kind of stone to…

Learn more about how rare your Pokelon NFTs are!

So you’re on your way to being the very best and have managed to catch yourself some buck-wild Pokelon. Hell, you might even have a pretty substantial collection by now!

But learning how about rarity will help you make better trades…

Everything You Need To Know About What’s Coming To Pokelon

Thanks a lot, Elon…


Since $POKELON launched on 05/11/21, we’ve seen our community explode. And shortly thereafter, we saw the market crash harder than it has in quite some time. …

Pokelon Finance

Project Pokelon reimagines all 151 Pokelon as Elon Musk and crypto/internet memes. And then brings them to live as a collectible card game.

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